The M8344636 inductor series is designed in a 0603 case size to support high frequency RF applications in military aerospace and defense communities Image courtesy of API Delevan
The PoE120PL Series is suitable for 60120 Watt applications such as thin clients monitors industrial Ethernet IPTV building management nurse call systems pointofsale terminals and information kiosks Image courtesy of Coilcraft
The range of inductive components is designed for currents up to 3000 A and frequencies up to 500 kHz which can be increased to as much as 2 MHz in special applications Image courtesy of SMP
With its robust anode quality benign failure mode mechanically robust assembly and epoxy housing the M55 Series of modules are ideal for use in high voltage power management applications 9image courtesy of KEMET
The new AccuP MP series capacitors exhibit high stability with respect to temperature time frequency and voltage variation Image courtesy of AVX
SMD Shunt Resistor Now Provides 0.2 mΩ
The RAVS Series utilizes thick film technology with lower silver inner terminations to significantly reduce the susceptibility of the array to contamination by sulfur Image courtesy of Stackpole Electronics
Graphene an extraordinary material isolated a decade ago has the potential to enable technologies that consume a fraction of the energy used by todayrsquos memory chips Image courtesy of Thinkstock
The HCC39s highcurrent performance is suited for frequency converters power modules and battery management for hybrid power sources Image courtesy of Stackpole
VX39s spacelevel X7R BME MLCCs provide enhanced resistance to mechanical stress by allowing for more board flexure than standard terminations Image courtesy of AVX