Water-Resistant In-Line Power Connector
The DF52 Series utilizes robust boxshaped crimp terminals that prevent snaring or breakage and stabilize the contact Image courtesy of Hirose
By integrating multiple optical sensing functions and an IR LED in a module the TMx4903 devices help to simplify smartphone board layouts giving greater flexibility to system designers Image courtesy of AMS AG
Molex SlimStack Hybrid Power SMT BoardtoBoard Connectors primarily support power functionality in battery and other mobile device power applications Image courtesy of Molex
The switch is suitable for wearable technology market medical equipment audiovisual computer peripherals consumer electronics telecommunications instrumentation Image courtesy of ESwitch
Dual Die, Hall-Effect Angle Sensor ICs for Motor Position Applications
Sealed Terminals and Splices Provide Faster Terminations
The WCBD has the ability to mix power and signal in a single connector body capable of up to 40 amps per size8 contact Image courtesy of Positronic
High-Performance Automotive Hall Effect Latch Features Wide Range of Sensitivity Options
The measurement range of VertX 8800 Series sensors is from 0 to 360deg with repeatability of 01deg and linearity to plusmn01 Image courtesy of Novotechnik