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New Book Helps Automation, Robotics, and Process Industry Professionals Understand Legal Proceedings

A new reference book has been published with the aims of helping automation, robotics, and process industry professionals understand the legal concepts associated with the industry as well as how to manage the subsequent risks.

The Automation Legal Reference: A Guide to Legal Risk in the Automation, Robotics, and Process Industries by attorney, Mark Voigtmann, and published by the International Society of Automation (ISA) is a concise guide book that explains in simple, non-lawyer, terms the basic legal essentials from contract development to dispute resolution within the industries. Other topics include project delivery methods, auditing legal health, negotiating automation contracts, professional licensing, “green” considerations, among many others.

Voigtmann hopes the book will serve to preemptively help professionals from making mistakes or spending excess money on unnecessary litigation. He also hopes that it will help lawyers understand the industries better in order provide the best service they can.

For more about the book as well as purchase information, visit

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