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Tubeaxial Fan Delivers 300 Cfm

Tubeaxial Fan Delivers 300 Cfm

AMETEK Rotron has introduced a tubeaxial cooling and ventilation fan with the highest performance in the industry for its package size, the company reports. The MIL-XTM Extreme Performance Series fans deliver best-in-class 300 cfm at 1.5 iwg (inches of water gauge). This is a 24% increase in airflow over previous models with the same package configuration.

With significant advances in aerodynamics, motor and DC drive, the new fan maintains ruggedness and reliability suitable for mission- and personnel-critical duty. For example, it can be used to cool electronic countermeasures mounted on armored vehicles to prevent detonation of improvised explosive devices (IEDs). Additional applications include commercial aircraft electronics, telecommunications, heat exchangers and crew ventilation.

Operating at 7500 RPM, the MIL-XTM delivers up to 42% efficiency, a significant increase over a typical tubeaxial fan efficiency of 27%.

Standard features include shock-proof construction (meeting Mil-S-901), immersion and wash-down capability, over voltage and reverse polarity protection and locked rotor shutdown with automatic restart.


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