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Power Electronics
Thermoelectric Controller

Thermoelectric Controller

An open board temperature controller from Oven Industries is specifically designed with a proportional integral control algorithm to provide the most precise control to thermoelectric (Peltier effect) modules at the most economical price.

The H bridge control provides a seamless transition between heating and cooling, eliminating dead spots. A red LED for heat and green LED for cooling indicate mode. Pulse Width Modulation controls the power level in the thermoelectric module at a base frequency of 900Hz. Power resolution is one of ±255 steps in the load circuit control.


·     Solid State H-Bridge Control

·     Bi-Directional Control (Seamless Transition)

·     Red LED Heating Mode "  Green LED Cooling Mode

·     Proportional Integral control algorithm

·     Pulse width modulated output

·     TTL to USB communication via optional OI-TTL-Cable.

·     Support and Digital control through included GUI & DLL

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