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Thermal Solutions Provider Licenses Heat Transfer Technologies

Celsia Technologies has entered a multi-year agreement with Taiwan-based Yeh-Chiang Technology (YCTC), a manufacturer of heat pipes. Under the terms of the agreement, YCTC will manufacture Celsia’s thermal management products in China. YCTC will also license Celsia’s patented thermofluidic technology to offer to its key OEM customers.

“Celsia’s technology is exactly what the market needs today,” said John Yang, founder of YCTC. “With Celsia’s new vapor chamber technology and its thin, flat form factors, customers can have greater flexibility and simplicity in their electronic designs and assemblies. We believe this technology is the next step for electronics heat transfer, and it will provide great differentiation to our customers.”

“We are building partnerships across the electronics supply chain so that in addition to our strong technical position, Celsia is equally strong in its distribution and supply network,” said George Meyer, Celsia’s chief marketing officer and general manager of the Americas and Europe. “YCTC is an excellent heat pipe manufacturer with a laser focus on manufacturing two phase heat transfer products. The combination of Celsia technology and YCTC manufacturing will be a formidable force in the market.”

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