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Temperature Sensor Family Expands

Temperature Sensor Family Expands

Siemens has extended its offering of temperature sensors to include the SITRANS TS500 product family. The new resistance thermometers (RTDs) and thermocouples (T/Cs) are designed for universal use in the process industries. The products have a modular design, and offer a large range of sizes, materials, sensors and transmitters.

The modular SITRANS TS500 products are suitable for a wide range of applications in the process industries, such as chemicals, oil, gas and power. The user can use a wide range of process connections, connection heads, sensor types, transmitters and displays to configure individual solutions for a process.  The product portfolio is clearly configured to simplify order processing, inventory management and documentation.

The TS500 family supports HART, PROFIBUS PA and Foundation Fieldbus communication standards, and can be easily integrated into the operating tools of process control systems, such as SIMATIC PDM.

Siemens has considerably expanded its range of temperature sensors with the addition of the extensive SITRANS TS product family, which is suitable for a wide range of applications.

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