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Technical Fellow Appointment Addresses Thermal Packaging

Nextreme Thermal Solutions, a manufacturer of thin film thermoelectric components for the electronics, photonics, biotechnology and defense/aerospace industries, has recently named Dr. Phil Deane as Senior Technology Fellow. Dr. Deane, formerly the Director of Packaging for the Advanced Optoelectronic Components Group at JDS Uniphase, joins Nextreme to address thermal management and thermoelectric packaging issues. Dr. Deane will define product and packaging strategies for insertion of Nextreme thermoelectric coolers into customer products.

There is a compelling need for new packaging strategies that can deal with the ever-increasing thermal problem in electronic systems. Nextreme’s thin film thermoelectric cooler, which is no larger than a chewing gum wrapper, represents such a strategy, providing a new approach to actively cool electronic and optoelectronic devices at the source, within the constraints of the demand for smaller components.

Dr. Deane began his career at AT&T Bell Labs as an engineer working in advanced electronic component packaging. After Bell Labs, he served as the Director of the Advanced Packaging Group at MCNC, a microtechnology think tank located in Research Triangle Park in North Carolina. Dr. Deane went on to become a principal in Optical Process Technologies, which was acquired by JDS Uniphase in 2000.

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