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Swept-Blade For Fans

Swept-Blade For Fans

Horton's most efficient fan blade to date, the WindShift(tm) WSE, has been computer-optimized to provide a superior combination of increased airflow and reduced operating noise. A swept-blade design, WSE generates greater static pressure at slower speeds. The WindShift WSE blade is ideal for Tier 4 and Stage IV agricultural, construction, industrial and power generation equipment.

The WindShift WSE Modular Fan is available in diameters of 24 to 41 inches (610 to 1040 mm) and 2.44- to 5.94-inch (62 to 151 mm) pitch widths. Other WindShift blades include WSC and WSD, which are engineered for low-restriction airflow applications and fit a narrower, more compact space.

All of the WindShift blades contain UV-stabilized materials with higher glass content than competitive products. As a result, WindShift Modular Fans maintain their strength and durability through a wider scope of temperatures and operating conditions.

WindShift fans offer greater design and manufacturing flexibility for higher performance and faster, easier testing and prototyping. The fans are constructed with innovative clamshell knuckles that clamp each blade to a 0.25-in. (6 mm) steel center disk. This allows blades to be set to a specific pitch angle for increased airflow.

WindShift Modular Fans are offered in pitch widths ranging from 1.88 to 6.32 in. (48 to 161 mm) and diameters from 24 to 52 in. (610 to 1320 mm). Fans are provided with 3 to 16 blades, equally spaced or staggered to modulate system noise. In addition to flat-plate center disc mounting, straight- and tapered-bore adapters are available. WindShift Modular Fans are compatible with Horton fan drives. Other options include clockwise or counterclockwise rotation and custom center disks for virtually any blade count, fan diameter and pilot or bolt circle pattern.




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