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Power Electronics
Power Device Evaluation At Temperature With Integrated Hot Plate

Power Device Evaluation At Temperature With Integrated Hot Plate

The integration of a temperature controlled thermal platform with the Agilent B1506A Power Device Analyzer has been introduced by inTEST Thermal Solutions and Agilent. The newly designed hot plate permits automated control of platform temperature, from enclosure ambient to 250 C, for characterization of power devices such as IGBTs and MOSFETs.

Power devices generate heat, which is why manufacturers mainly test in high temperature environments. Conventional thermal platforms did not fit within the fixture area of the analyzer, giving rise to inTEST Thermal's design.

The HP289-PM platform system comprises a thermal plate, controller and connection harnesses to interface with the Analyzer. By placing the platform in the Analyzer's test fixture, it minimizes cable length and reduces risk of oscillation that can corrupt measurement data.

The thermal platform/analyzer integration was a joint development project between Agilent and inTEST Thermal Solutions in Mansfield, MA where the plates are manufactured.

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