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Nextreme Raises $8M in Corporate Funding

Nextreme Thermal Solutions announced that the company has raised $8 million in additional Series B financing from undisclosed corporate investors. Nextreme has now raised more than $21 million in Series B financing and $35 million since its inception in 2004. The additional funding will be used to expand Nextreme's presence and products for energy harvesting for micro and portable power along with solidifying its position for thermal management products in computing, consumer and mobile markets.

Nextreme offers microscale cooling and thermal energy harvesting solutions that integrate directly into electronic and consumer product packaging. Nextreme's scalable cooling and power generation solutions have the potential to have a major impact on mainstream industries such as automotive, computing, consumer, mobile, and telecommunications. Applications for the technology include: CPU/GPU hot spot cooling, power MOSFET cooling, LED cooling, laser diode cooling, thermal energy scavenging, thermal control in consumer products, power harvesting for sensors, and process control.

Increased functionality in a smaller footprint has been a constant driver in electronics and consumer products throughout the past 30 years. Additionally, the need for improved energy efficiency and micro-scale, distributed power generation capability has emerged as a driver in many applications. These trends have translated into significant thermal and power problems in a host of industries. Nextreme offers one of the few, fundamentally new innovations that addresses both thermal management and power generation in a fully scalable approach. Nextreme's technology is driven by form factor, device performance and cost - all of which are expected to drive adoption of this technology and fuel the company's growth.

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