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New Patents for Thermal Management in Semiconductor and Laser Applications

sp3 Diamond Technologies, Inc., deposition equipment and services, announced that it has been awarded two patents by the United States Patent and Trademark Office for its DiaMatch™ coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) matched heat spreader technology. The diamond-based multilayered structure outlined in the patents solves several technical challenges to deliver the high heat spreading and CTE matching required for reliable semiconductor and laser packaging.

U.S. Patent Nos. 8,105,693 and 8,147,927 cover a multilayered structure including at least one diamond layer and methods of making these multilayered structures, respectively. The technology detailed in the patents is ideally suited for mounting large semiconductor chips such as high-power transistors and laser diodes where CTE matching is required.

Semiconductor devices require packaging with high thermal conductivity to prevent overheating and to maintain useful operation of the device. Existing materials generally deliver good thermal characteristics but poor CTE matching, or are well-matched to most semiconductor materials, but do not offer high enough thermal conductivity for today's devices. sp3's DiaMatch technology bridges this gap by offering variable CTE-matching, copper-level thermal conductivity, a choice of conductive or insulating die attach surfaces, precise edges and no compositional variability from point to point in the material.

The new patents detail a multilayered structure of thin diamond layers and high thermal conductivity metal layers and the methods of making the structure. The multilayered structure has a variable CTE, which depends on the various layer thicknesses and can be different on each side. This allows the structure to safely bond to common semiconductor materials such as silicon, silicon carbide, gallium arsenide, and gallium nitride while providing the thermal management benefits of diamond.

sp3 Diamond Technologies, Inc.
Part Number: DiaMatch

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