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New High Performance Enclosure Air Conditioners

TECA Corporation announces two new thermoelectric air conditioner models with a heat exchanger mode which is exclusive to TECA. The AHP-2250 and the AHP-3250 are the largest air conditioners TECA manufactures, to date. The AHP-2250 offers 2060 BTU/hr (605 watts) cooling capacity. The AHP-3250 offers 2600 BTU/hr (765 watts) cooling capacity. Cooling capacity ratings are measured at a 0°F temperature differential. Heat/Cool versions of the AHP-2250 and AHP-3250 are available and heat capacity is 3750 BTU/hr and 5320 BTU/hr respectively.

The unique heat exchanger feature saves energy. The heat exchanger mode switches on as the enclosure temperature rises through 25°C and the need for cooling begins, providing passive cooling without using a lot of energy. This can also help keep the enclosure below the active cooling set point for a longer period of time, limiting the time the thermoelectric modules need to be actively cooling. The energy savings is significant. The AHP-3250 uses 83% less energy in the heat exchanger mode than it does in the active cooling mode at 18 W/°C cooling.

The AHP-2250 and AHP-3250 boast a smart design which improves upon competing thermoelectric air conditioners. Performance capacities are the highest in the industry. Energy efficiencies are higher as well: the AHP-3250 consumes 25% less energy than the closest competing thermoelectric air conditioner. The cold side (internal to enclosure) has a low profile. The AHP-3250 intrudes into the enclosure 10% less than the closest competing thermoelectric air conditioner. The centrally-located power input cord, mounting gasket, large bolting flange and robust hardware provide easier, user-friendly installation.

A temperature controller is built into the AHP-2250 and AHP-3250 models. All configurations include either a cool only TC-4F or heat/cool TC-7F integral temperature controller. The heat exchanger function is included in all configurations. The heat exchanger function will switch on (passive cooling) when the enclosure reaches 25°C. Active cooling switches on when the enclosure reaches 35°C. On heat/cool configurations, the TC-7F will switch on the heating function when the enclosure temperature drops to 10°C. All heat/cool models heat via reverse polarity of the thermoelectric modules.

Various input voltages are available: 120 and 240 VAC, 24 VDC and 250 VDC (for crane applications). Custom finishes, temperature control set points, and other customization is available. Possible applications include general industry, telecommunications, overhead crane controls, military transit cases, equipment or medication storage, LED screens, ATMs, kiosks, and much more.

TECA Corp.
Part Number: AHP-2250

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