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Microcontroller Surpasses 4,000 hours of Continuous Operation at 200°C

Microcontroller Surpasses 4,000 hours of Continuous Operation at 200°C

VORAGO Technologies, a provider of radiation hardened and extreme temperature embedded systems technology, today announced that the company’s VA10800 microcontrollers have now been operating successfully in a temperature-controlled oven for more than 4,000 hours at 200°C. In this time the CPU has performed over 7200 trillion sequential error-free operations and exhibited a consistent low level of current consumption within the specification. The products under test are manufactured with a cost-effective advanced plastic package composition developed for operation at 200°C.

The ongoing testing is intended to supplement the traditional qualification tests by demonstrating the ability of the product to operate at extreme temperature for a prolonged period of time. High temperature operation is enabled by the use of VORAGO's HARDSIL technology. Bulk CMOS devices enhanced by HARDSIL use standard manufacturing equipment with no negative impact on performance or yields. This approach is a cost-effective alternative to current high-reliability techniques that use up-screened commercial products, redundant systems, or exotic packaging.

“We believe in stretching the limits beyond conventional testing to ensure that our chips work reliably in extreme conditions,” said Bernd Lienhard, chief executive officer of VORAGO Technologies. “Our customers appreciate that VORAGO goes beyond industry expectations in testing VA10800 microcontrollers.”

The VA10800 microcontroller is the industry's first extreme temperature ARM Cortex-M microcontroller and is available now from VORAGO's global distribution network. In addition to the innovative new high temperature plastic package, ceramic package and die options are also available. 

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