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Load Switches Suit Portable Applications

Fairchild Semiconductor’s FPF100x family of IntelliMAX load switches features WL-CSP or MLP packaging, integrated slew-rate control, ESD protection and load-discharge capability, and low-voltage operation (1.2 V). The FPF1003, FPF1005 and the FPF1006 are specifically designed to enhance thermal and electrical performance in portable applications.

The FPF1003 comes in a 1.0-mm x 1.5-mm wafer-level chip scale package (WL-CSP). This package type reduces Rds(on) to 30 mΩ at 5 V and enables a 2-A current capability. For an alternative package option, the FPF1005 and FPF1006 devices are available in an industry-standard 2-mm x 2-mm molded leadless package (MLP).

The FPF100x series integrates slew-rate control to minimize inrush current at turn-on. They also feature built-in ESD capability and drive circuitry. The FPF1006 device offers a load-discharge option to discharge parasitic capacitance.

Utilizing Fairchild's advanced CMOS MOSFET process, the FPF100x devices feature a 1.2-V voltage rating compared to typical devices on the market rated at 1.8 V. This enables these IntelliMAX load switches to manage power even in very low-voltage logic and processor solutions.

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