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Laird Technologies, Inc. announced the release of its WL Series Liquid to Air Heat Exchanger Systems product line. The WL Series products are self-contained units designed to remove a large amount of heat from densely packed electronic environments that are not conducive to conventional heat sink fans. The WL series provides customers the benefit of investing in a full assembly, rather than having separate components and making them work together. Ideal for the medical and industrial markets, these products are able to maintain peak performance of high powered x-ray scanning systems by keeping the x-ray generator and tube cool. The WL Series also extends the life and improves the performance of machine tools used in CNC machining for fabricating metals.

The robust WL Series products use world class components sourced from brand name suppliers and are assembled through proprietary processes. They are designed to circulate water or water with glycol (anti-freeze) and run on AC voltage. Standard cooling capacities range from 500 to 5,000 Watts. These units are manufactured to strict process control standards and pass/fail criteria that yield optimal cooling performance and reliability.

Laird Technologies also has full turn-key capabilities to design custom liquid to air heat exchanger systems and offers strong engineering services to support onsite concept generation, thermal modeling, flow analysis, mechanical design, electrical design and rapid prototyping.

Laird Technologies, Inc.
Part Number: WL

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