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LED Coolers Utilize Aerospace Fluid-Bearing Technology

Inspired by expertise from the Aerospace Industry, Jaro's new tightly-designed MR-16 LED coolers optimize longevity and temperature with a highly-efficient fluid-bearing structure. At speeds of up to 4200RPM±15%, these very quiet DC coolers provide a chilly, yet quiet air-flow of 1.850CFM (min.: 1.573 CFM). Specifically designed for LED cooling applications, these coolers are sized at 30mm x30mm x 7mm and operate from -20°C to +90°C.

Due to a perfectly balanced design (where the vibration grade = G1- ISO 1940 standard), these coolers operate with miniscule levels of detectable vibration. By avoiding mechanical friction, JARO's AFB bearing provides an impressive 70,000 hours of long life at 40°C.

Low Vibration Produces Virtually-Silent Operation In addition, less friction also offers a virtually-silent operation. Operating at a quiet 18.6dB (max.:20.6dB(A)), these coolers are at the cutting edge of low-level-noise performance.

Aerospace-Based Technology As the cooler starts to rotate, a high quality aerospace grease lubricates the chamber from the outside of the bearing - moving in. This forms a film between the shaft & bearing which greatly reduces friction & supports the rotating speed.

The lead time for this model is 4-6 weeks

Jaro Thermal
Part Number: MR-16

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