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Power Electronics

High Power Density Heat Sinks

Designed for applications requiring high power densities and where forced air cooling is present, Ohmite has released a larger version of their MV/MA 102 heat sink which, due to longer and more efficient fin extrusions, give nearly twice the thermal performance. The new device has a surface area of 49,218²mm and a thermal resistance of 3.6°C/W.

The new MV/MA 302 heat sink uses the same installation mechanism as the earlier model, this being two internal spring clips for mounting up to four TO-247 or TO-264 devices without the need for drilling or screwing. The clips are robust and provide the same amount of force even after repeated use meaning that design changes and replacements are simply and economically carried out.

Designers are provided with maximum flexibility for dynamic device locations and power upgrading. "Configure-to-Fit" and "Scale-to-Meet" options give total freedom to configure the heat sink to fit packaging designs and to scale the heat sink to meet specific power dissipation.

Available in either degreased or black anodized finish, the MV/MA 302 can be supplied in custom lengths and customers can specify the number of spring clips they want. Designed originally for the Ohmite TEH70, TEH100 and TFH85 resistors customers using any active devices in TO-247 or TO-264 packages will benefit from this heat sink.

Ohmite Mfg. Co.
Part Number: MV/MA

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