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Courtesy of Indium Corporation
<p>Courtesy of Indium Corporation.</p>

Heat-Spring Thermal Interface for IGBT Assembly

Indium Corp.’s Heat-Spring is a compressible soft metal shim that serves as a thermal interface between the baseplate and heat-sink to ensure maximum heat transfer in IGBT and high power module mounting applications.

Heat-Spring is designed to fulfill large-area thermal transfer requirements with metallic transfer properties of up to 86 W/mK. Heat-Spring is easy to use and offers superior conductivity as compared to thermal grease alternatives. In addition, Heat-Spring will not bake out or pump out, optimizing long-term performance consistency and eliminating the rework process.

Heat-Spring is reclaimable and recyclable, and can be packaged in custom trays or tape & reel. Indium Corp. also offers custom packaging options as needed. Heat-Spring is just one of a wide range of Indium Corp. solders and TIMs for IGBT assembly.

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