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Gel-Like Sheet Cools LEDs

One of the most challenging issues with the use of LEDs is the control of unwanted heat. The most common way to dissipate this performance-hindering byproduct is to connect the LED package directly to a heat sink. To maximize the cooling performance of the heatsink, Fujipoly offers its line extremely soft Sarcon® GR-ae thermal interface materials.

The gel-like sheet compound is designed to efficiently transfer heat from its source to the nearby heat sink.  The unique physical properties of this material allow it to protect delicate board-level components as they fill unwanted air gaps and levels uneven surfaces.

This high-performance silicone based compound is available in nine thicknesses that deliver a thermal conductivity of 1.3 W/m°K with a thermal resistance as low as .50 °C cm2/W.  Sarcon® GR-ae is available in pre-cut sheets up to 200mm x 300mm or die-cut to your exact application specifications. In addition to growing LED lighting applications, the same thermal interface material has proven successful in helping cool power control units, converters, inverters and batteries.   As electronic packaging becomes more technologically advanced, the need for proper cooling of electronic components grows exponentially. Fujipoly thermal interface materials are a cooling influence you can count on.


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