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GAP Filler Offers Robust Thermal Performance and Void Filling Capabilities

GAP Filler Offers Robust Thermal Performance and Void Filling Capabilities

Henkel Adhesive Technologies has announced the development and commercialization of GAP FILLER 1400SL.  An evolution in thermal interface materials, GAP FILLER 1400SL combines the properties of low viscosity and, relative to conventional self-leveling products, comparatively high thermal conductivity in a unique formula designed to accommodate challenging architectures.

A two-part, silicone-based, liquid gap filling material, GAP FILLER 1400SL has extremely low viscosity which allows the material to flow in and around tight, uniquely shaped structures to fill small voids and provide excellent thermal transfer.  With a thermal conductivity of 1.4W/m-K, GAP FILLER 1400SL unites high thermal conductivity and exceptional flow - characteristics that have traditionally been mutually exclusive - to allow new levels of design latitude.

When cured, GAP FILLER 1400SL is exceptionally soft, allowing for absorption of coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) stresses and providing mechanical shock dampening for fragile assemblies.  The material is ideal for multiple applications including high power components such as FETs, industrial controllers with transient loads and automotive electronics like DC-DC converters for hybrid vehicles.

"GAP FILLER 1400SL is also a low volatility material," adds Helgeson.  "For any application where fogging from outgassing is a concern, this product's low-VOC formulation helps improve this issue."

Cured at room temperature with no byproducts, GAP FILLER 1400SL provides consistent curing throughout the compound with no restrictions on thickness and the ability to accelerate curing with exposure to elevated temperature.

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