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Image courtesy of Jaro Thermal
<p>Image courtesy of Jaro Thermal.</p>

Frame-Less Bracket Fans Offer Many Mounting Options

Due to a variety of potential mounting options, JARO's frame-less bracket fans offer an amazing level of design flexibility. They are ideal for IC, CPU or embedded heat sink designs, and can also be directly mounted onto circuit boards. The blade diameter ranges in size from 20mm (on the small end) up to 88mm blade diameter (on the large end). Height ranges from 7mm (low profile) to 15mm. Airflow ranges from 3.5 CFM to over 51 CFM. Standard operating temperature is -10°C to +70°C, and extended operating temperatures are available from -35°C to +90°C.

Bearing options available for JARO"s frame-less bracket fans include dual-ball bearing and Aerospace Fluid Bearing (AFB) designs. JARO's AFB bearing currently offers the best-in-class for overall performance by minimizing mechanical friction, which results in a low-noise, long-life product.

By avoiding mechanical friction, JARO's AFB bearings provide a virtually-silent operation as follows:

As the fan starts to rotate, centrifugal force pushes aerospace fluid from the outside of the bearing towards the center of the rotating shaft. This force forms a thin film between the shaft and the bearing that greatly reduces friction, thus extending the life of the fan.

The lead time for JARO's standard bracket models is 4-8 weeks, while custom bracket models will run 10-12 weeks.

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