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'Fan to Sink' Coolers for Low-Profile, Lightweight, Maintenance-Free Applications

'Fan to Sink' Coolers for Low-Profile, Lightweight, Maintenance-Free Applications

Jaro's IC coolers combine natural and forced-air convection by embedding a bracket fan into a heat sink design, ranging in sizes from 35x35mm to 52x52mm, with heights from 8mm up to 12mm. Their size makes them ideal for limited-space applications, including but not limited to, PCMIA, PCI Express cards, blade servers, and all HOT CHIP sets.

To further enhance cooling capacity, these IC coolers use universal mounts and a thermal adhesive pad, ensuring complete surface contact with the heat source. These coolers also minimize installation time because they use push-pins for mounting on the board. The push-pins are also designed to fit universal LGA socket types.

The thermal adhesive pad adds mechanical strength to the bond between the heat sink and the heat source. But more importantly, it also eliminates air (caused by incomplete surface contact) from the interface area. This is extremely important because the air acts as an insulator, impeding the heat transfer from the heat source to the  heat sink. The IC coolers are more commonly available with an aluminum heat sink frame, but they can be customized with a copper heat sink frame, depending upon the cooling capacity needed for an application.

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