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Energy Efficient, Thermally Controlled Short Fan Tray

Orion Fans has developed a new, low-cost AC three-position short fan tray with an energy-efficient smart thermal control. Designated the OA300ST Series, the smart thermal controller independently increases or decreases the speed of the three fan in response to the ambient air temperature, reducing power consumption by up to 30%. The OA300ST Series fan trays can be installed in any standard 19" rack, making it ideal for a variety of applications including industrial control cabinets and network system enclosures. The fan tray is also offered in a model with the thermistor control on a remote lead wire that allows the sensor to be placed close to a specific heat source for more accurate temperature control as well.

The OA300ST Series features three high-performance, sealed ball-bearing fans that combine high airflows of up to 320 CFM with low-noise operation as quiet as 23.1dB.

Available in 115VAC and 230VAC versions, the OA300ST Series AC fan tray consists of a ball-bearing system, 2M-length power cord, a lighted rocker switch and a resettable circuit breaker. Rated power for the standard high-speed model is 45W. Operating temperatures range from -20°C to 80°C, and the fans feature a L10 life expectancy of 60,000 hours at 40°C. The steel fan trays feature a black electro deposit finish, and are ready for insertion into any 19" rack.

OEM pricing for the thermally controlled OA300ST Series AC fan tray is $150.00 in quantities up to 99 pieces.

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