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Power Electronics

Cold Plate Four-Pass Heat Sink

Ohmite Manufacturing Company, announces the CP4 Series of cold plate four-pass heat sinks. These liquid cold plates are designed for Ohmite heat sinkable type resistors, including the TAP600, TAP800, TA1K0, TA2K0, and various SOT-227 resistor packages. They can also be used to provide maximum heat removal for SCRs, rectifiers, diodes, thyristors, and other high-power semiconductor devices.

Constructed with an aluminum 6063-T5 plate and copper tubing with a nominal wall thickness of 0.050", the CP4 Series is designed for optimal heat removal. Its thermally efficient copper mounting surface allows for the most efficient heat transfer, with a thermal resistance of 0.43 (°C/W).

Applications include variable speed drives, power supplies, robotics, and motor controls. In addition, the CP4 Series can be used for system prototyping. A single plate with a single device establishes the requirements needed prior to system integration and verifies the functionality of the system or circuit.

The RoHS compliant CP4 Series also offers design flexibility, with customizable options to fit multiple applications. In addition to its pre-drilled hole patterns for standard Ohmite planar resistors, the CP4 Series can be configured with a variety of chill plate lengths and mounting hole patterns to accept a multitude of devices.

Ohmite Mfg. Co.
Part Number: CP4

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