Power Electronics

Acquisition to Combine Expertise in Conduction Heat Transfer with Passive Two-Phase Heat Transfer

Thermacore, Inc. has announced the acquisition of k Technology, a business headquartered in Langhorne, PA, that designs and manufactures custom thermal management products for power electronics cooling. With the acquisition, k Technology becomes an independent division within Thermacore's corporate structure. Among its primary thermal solutions, k Technology developed the patented k-Core® system, which uses encapsulated graphite to help alleviate heat in power electronics. The k-Core system is highly conductive thermally and offers advantages such as low mass and the ability to tailor coefficients of thermal expansion (CTE) for direct bonding to electronic devices.

k Technology's products are used in aerospace satellites and military aircraft such as the F-35, F-22, and F-16 fighter planes. The company's thermal solutions complement Thermacore's product offering, which has nearly 40 years of experience designing, developing, and manufacturing its own custom thermal solutions based on heat pipe or passive two-phase heat transfer technology.

Jerome E. Toth, Thermacore president and chief executive officer said the acquisition strengthens Thermacore's position as a global supplier of advanced thermal solutions. "The combination of expertise from Thermacore and k Technology immediately provides our customers with a broader scope of thermal solutions from one company," he said. "As we continue to integrate our respective technology and thermal solutions application experience, Thermacore will be able to offer Customers even more innovation to address all of their thermal management challenges," Toth added.

"Thermacore's industry experience, manufacturing ability and global reach will strongly enhance our success and growth," added Adam Rosen, chief executive officer of k Technology. "This is an ideal match. Thermacore is recognized as a global leader in custom, high-performance thermal solutions. By adding k Technology's capabilities in advanced conduction heat transfer we've combined our know-how and expanded our ability to serve a wider range of customer applications and industries. We want our customers to think of Thermacore and k Technology to address any and all of their thermal management challenges," said Rosen.

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