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10-Inch AC Fans Move Large Amounts of Air

Dallas-based Orion Fans, a division of Knight Electronics has experienced extensive growth with its 10-inch AC fans designed specifically to move a large amount of air through confined spaces. Designated the OA254 Series, the AC fans measure 254mm x 89mm (10" x 3.5") and feature airflow of 547 CFM on the standard model and up to 850 CFM on the XC high performance model. Ideal for applications involving confined spaces including rack and panel and cabinet enclosures, these fans produce a significant amount of backpressure at the high CFM rating.

"Because of their worldwide popularity, OEMs and designers are coming to us and requesting these 10-inch fans. As a result, we stock the OA254 fans both in-house and at our distributor partners, so there is currently no lead time on these fans," said David Luna, Orion Fans' product marketing manager.

Available in 115VAC and 230VAC versions, the OA254 Series AC fans feature voltage ranges from 80 to 130VAC, and 160 to 260VAC, respectively. Rated power for the standard model is 35W and up to 75W on the XC high performance model. Rated speed ranges from 1650 to 2700 RPM. The fans feature a dual ball-bearing system, impedance and thermally protected motor, and diecast aluminum frame with a PBT, UL94V-0 plastic impeller. Maximum static pressure for the OA254 AC fans is 0.39" H2O for the standard version and up to 1.14" H2O for the high performance model, with noise levels to 69dB and operating temperature range from -20°C to +80°C. The fans feature a life expectancy of 60,000 hours at 40°C (L10).

1-99 OEM price for the OA254 Series AC fans ranges from $61.00 to $71.00.

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