The exchanger isolates cabinet air from the external environment by creating a sealed selfcontained closed loop cooling solution Image courtesy of Mersen
Components of the optical rectenna developed at the Georgia Institute of Technology Researchers cultivated an array of billions of vertically aligned carbon nanotubes on top of a silicon substrate using chemical vapor deposition Image courtesy of Thomas Bougher Georgia Tech
Mini Radial-Leaded PTC Thermistors
1 Thermacore kCore technology All other images appear at the end of the article
Expanded Portfolio of Handheld Thermal Imagers for Predictive Maintenance Applications
Highly Advanced Low Profile Heatsinks
Thermistor Delivers Industry-High 680 V Voltage Rating
The 400 mm OAB400 Series motorized impellerblower provides a high airflow of 1900 CFM Image courtesy of Orion Fans
Universal Temperature Sensor IC with EEPROM Targets Modular & Custom Sensor Systems
The Powerex Integrated Power Module PIPM an be mounted on various heat sinks including both forced air and liquid cooled options Image courtesy of Powerex Inc