Ultralow Power Buck Regulator Achieves Industry's High Power Conversion Efficiency
Synchronous Buck Regulator IC for USB Charging Qualified to Automotive AEC-Q100
Dual Step-Down DC/DC Controller with Digital Power System Management
1.5A, 15V Synchronous Boost Regulator Offers 95% Efficiency, 3MHz Switching
LDO Regulators Provide Improved Dropout and Transient Performance for Sensitive Loads
A 100 duty cycle allows the devices to work with the lowest VIN and a low quiescent current of just 90microA helps conserve the life of batterypowered equipment Image courtesy of Diodes
The LTC3335 includes four internal low RDSON MOSFETs and can deliver efficiency of up to 90 Image courtesy of Linear Technology
38V Dual DC/DC Controller with Current Mode Control
The LT8494 can be configured as a boost SEPIC or flyback converter Image courtesy of Linear Technology