Isolated Current Sense Amplifier
The positive and negative LDO regulators can source up to 50mA of output current each with 100microVRMS output noise and their output voltages can be independently adjusted from plusmn12V to plusmn32V Image courtesy of Linear Technology
The MCP9600 simplifies thermocouple designs by integrating a number of discrete devices into one chip which also lowers board area cost and power consumption Image courtesy of Microchip
Automotive Full Bridge Gate Driver IC with Fault and Independent Enable Functions
Precision Differential Amplifier Drives 20-Bit ADCs Consuming Less than 2mA
The power switches incorporate 04A current limiting while operating from a 27V to 55V supply with a maximum continuous load current rating of 02A Image courtesy of Diodes Incorporated
High-Voltage, Wide Temperature Range Hall Effect Latch Family
The DMN2014LHAB and DMN2011UFX are configured as dual commondrain MOSFETs Image courtesy of Diodes
They are the first MCUs to integrate an ADC with computation which performs input and sensor interface functions such as accumulation averaging and lowpass filter calculations in hardware instead of software Image courtesy of Microchip Technology
The ISL71840SEH 30V 16channel multiplexer is a dropin replacement for Intersil39s widely adopted HS91840ARH Image courtesy of Intersil