In the standard version these devices are dimensional for nominal currents up to 1200 amperes Image courtesy of REOUSA
Vishay Draloric TNPV e3 series devices reduce component counts and lower costs by replacing larger resistors and multiple devices in similar case sizes Image courtesy of Vishay Intertechnology
The TMJ S1gma Series capacitors are suitable for use in the advanced wireless systems employed in automotive avionics energy harvesting and safety Image courtesy of AVX
Voltage Rating for Snap-in Power Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors Extended to 500 V
The operating bandwidth is 2 MHz to 100 MHz with target speeds up to 1 Gbitss to consumer residences Image courtesy of Pulse Electronics
Image courtesy of ARCOL Resistors
The devices are suitable for highvoltage electronic circuits in lighting ballasts and LED drivers industrial inverters and converters battery management systems and medical equipment Image courtesy of Vishay Intertechnology
Inductors: Frame Core Power Line Chokes with Vertical Design
Exhibiting capacitance voltage CV capabilities superior to those of traditional precious metal electrode PME MLCCs AVXs spacelevel BME MLCCs provide the extremely high reliability performance Image courtesy of AVX
RHC2512 High Power Chip Offers Low Thermal Resistance