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Introducing the PET Digital Power Microsite

Digital Power Electronics holds the huge promise offering cost reductions and vast improvements in performance over analog techniques However , the replacement of analog control and power management with advanced digital techniques will require Design Engineers to employ new approaches to power system design and architectures . These new approaches can introduce additional complexity to the design process. "Going digital" in comparison to using similar bandwidth analog components will offer many challenges with great rewards to those designers who surmount the hurdles.

Serving this need Power Electronics Technology has created special microsite exclusively devoted to "digital power." (visit site now) This microsite within our main website will bring together all the design articles and other features related to digital power control and digital power management that have run in our magazine and newsletter.

Designers will come to this site to learn about the new components, new design techniques and new tools that will enable the use of digital power conversion and digital power management technologies in their next design. The Micro site will serve our audience of design engineers and power design professionals who are interested in learning about and contributing to the latest advancements relating to digital power management in electronic systems and the use of digital control techniques in power converters .

The website will be Interactive and will include:

  • "Digital Power Q&A"---a feature in which multiple industry experts will weigh in with their opinions on a key issue of the day in digital power design. This feature will also provide a forum for readers to present their views on the question at hand. A forum for continuing discussion among component suppliers and power system designers, this feature will be updated regularly with new questions posed to different groups of experts with new opportunities for readers to respond.
  • Guest editorial written by a member of the industry. Similar to the Executive Viewpoint that appears in PET magazine, the guest editorial will focus solely on issues related to digital power design
  • Power Electronics Technology Conference materials relating to digital power will appear on this site offering designers access to technical papers not available from any other sources.

With its unique combination of in depth design articles, product and technology news, and industry discussion, the Digital Power Microsite will provide engineers with a one-stop online resource for information on all aspects of digital power design. This content will encompass both the timely---current news and commentary---and the timeless---tried and tested design methods as published in the magazine.

Visit the Power Electronics Technology Digital Power site now!

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