The photodiode works by shining light into the skin Different amounts of this light are absorbed by blood and the surrounding tissue The light that is not absorbed is reflected to the detector which determines pulse rates and oxygen saturation Image courtesy of Osram Opto
Used by inverter and power supply manufacturers SurLok Plus is optimized for battery pack connections from 50 A to 400 A using a touchsafe interface Image courtesy of Amphenol
Amphenol39s high vibration brush AHVB is designed to withstand vibrations of at least 538 grams at 8 hours per axis and 2000 Hz Image courtesy of Amphenol
The sealed AMPLIMITE cable connectors come in two series series 109 standarddensity using size 20 contacts and series 90 highdensity using size 22 contacts Image courtesy of TE Connectivity
Plastic Connector Series for HEV Offers Continuous Power to 400 A
Family of Hybrid Solid-State Relays Offers High-Reliability Replacement for Mechanical Relays
Reliable, Safe Operation of Industrial Power Connectors
Amphenol39s new splitter receives power and signal from one cable and splits it into two equal yet separate sets of power and signal as output Image courtesy of Amphenol
The hightemperature sensor is qualified to AECQ200 and designed for use in especially demanding automotive electronics applications for example in exhaust gas recirculation systems Image courtesy of TDK
Components of the optical rectenna developed at the Georgia Institute of Technology Researchers cultivated an array of billions of vertically aligned carbon nanotubes on top of a silicon substrate using chemical vapor deposition Image courtesy of Thomas Bougher Georgia Tech