eGaN FET Enables Big Power in a Small Footprint at a Low Price
650V Ultra Junction X2-Class Power MOSFETs
Power MOSFETs Make Electrical Appliances More Compact and Durable
Automotive MOSFETs Protect Vehicle ECUs Against Reverse-Battery Connections
Ideal for both hard and softswitching topologies including resonant topologies such as LLC the new devices offer extremely low switching losses especially under lightload conditions Image courtesy of STMicroelectronics
Compared to D2PAK the Dual Cool 8839s package also delivers faster switching less EMI along with the higher power density and lower parasitic losses Image courtesy of Fairchild Semiconductor
100V MOSFETs Optimized for PoE Applications
MOSFETs Deliver High Energy Efficiency to DC-Powered Circuits
The FRED Pt rectifiers are optimized for dcdc converters in automotive engine control units ECU antilock braking systems ABS LED lighting and to telecom dcdc bricks Image courtesy of Vishay Intertechnology
The devices are suitable for powerconversion applications working up to 20kHz in hardswitching circuit topologies Image courtesy of STMicroelectronics