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Digital Power Technology White Pages

National Instruments: The NI PXI-4110 Programmable Power Supply Architecture - Speed, Power, and Precision in 3U PXI
This paper discusses the novel design characteristics of the National Instruments’ PXI-4110 triple-output programmable DC power supply, which employs a unique combination of switch-mode and linear regulation, and software-defined hardware that make the design possible in a small (3U PXI) package.

Ericsson: Power Supply Goes Digital
This primer on digital technology discusses conceptually how digital control inside an on-board power supply facilitates improved efficiency, reduced total cost and advanced system power management. Paper includes discussion on the role of PMBus, different approaches to implementing digital control, and a glossary of common used terminology.

Astec Power:: An Introduction to Digital Control of Switching Power Converters by Geof Potter
As the author explains in this white paper from April of 2004, “Applying digital methods to the control of power converters, in particular board-mounted dc/dc converters, offers a rich set of possibilities from which to create new features, improved performance, and much greater product flexibility, and all at lower cost.”

Astec Power: Digital Power, A Manufacturer’s View by Geof Potter
In July 2004, the author heralded the arrival of digital power technology saying, “The fact that we are all gathered for DPF’04 is an acknowledgement that digital technologies have begun to take root in that bastion of analog creativity called a Power Supply. Having, years ago, surrendered our beloved smooth-flowing linear systems to the harsh reality of bi-stable design, we now find ourselves threatened with even more bi-stable process encroachment in the form of digital control systems.”

Power-One: Intelligent Platform Starts with Intelligent Power
The Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) is an open standard that defines common interfaces for remote health monitoring, logging, and control of server, networking and telecommunications platforms. This article provides an overview of IPMI and describes how Power-One's Z-One digital power system can implement the complex power subsystem requirements found in server applications, while Z-One's monitoring and control features map into the IPMI requirements....

Texas Instruments: In Situ Transfer Function Analysis
("Originally presented at Darnell's 2006 Digital Power Forum")
In this paper we discuss using the digital controller to make transfer function measurements in situ, that is, in place and without external test equipment. And from these measurements view the impact of changing the digital compensation coefficients on gain margin, phase margin and bandwidth. ...

Silicon Labs: Optimizing System Operation Using a Flexible Digital PWM Controller
This paper describes a mixed-signal integrated circuit implemented in low-cost CMOS technology optimized for dc/dc and ac/dc converter applications....

Zilker Labs, Inc: Digital vs Analog Power
There seems to be no end in sight for the debate: "Will digital power replace analog power?" Industry analysts, semiconductor suppliers, power-supply module vendors and embedded system designers seem to have an endless appetite for discussing this topic year after year......
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