1W DC-DC Converter Footprint Shrinks by 34%
15 and 20 W DC-DC Converters Feature 4:1 Input Range
Able to withstand challenging environments these convection cooled units will operate up to 51000ft altitude and 1500ft below sea level in humid conditions in the range 5 to 95 RH noncondensing Image courtesy of Stadium Power
The PXCM series is available with single and dual outputs covering 33V 5V 12V 15V or 24V and plusmn5V plusmn12V or plusmn15V outputs and can operate from either a 9 to 36Vdc or 18 to 75Vdc input Image courtesy of TDK
DC-DC Converters Features Short Circuit Protection and Higher Regular Isolation
The six new PHA280 power modules are available in three output power levels  75W 100W and 150W Image courtesy of TDKLambda
4:1 Input 3 Watt SIP Regulated and Isolated DC-DC Converter
150W, Encapsulated Railway DC/DC Converters Offer RIA12 Surge Withstand Capacity
Image courtesy of ABSOPULSE Electronics
This offtheshelf product family with multiple output voltage options is suitable for downhole tool manufacturers in designs requiring operating temperature up to 185 ordmC image courtesy of Infinieon Technologies