Storage Advance May Boost Solar Thermal Energy Potential
Perovskite solar cells which are much smaller than traditional panels could soon revolutionize electric vehicle charging Image courtesy of Shutterstock
Allegedly the Mission E can travel over 500 km on one battery charge and it can be charged with enough energy for around 400 km more driving range in about 15 minutes Image courtesy of Porsche
Yarn made of niobium nanowires seen here in a scanning electron microscope image background can be used to make very efficient supercapacitors MIT researchers have found Adding a coating of a conductive polymer to the yarn shown in pink inset further increases the capacitorrsquos charge capacity Positive and negative ions in the material are depicted as blue and red spheres Image courtesy of MIT
Advancements in Batteries and Power Electronics Are Poised to Change the Electrical Landscape
Pepperrsquos emotional functions are modeled on the release of hormones in humans in response to stimuli perceived by the senses All images courtesy of Softbank
1 A pilot manufacturing plant at 24Mrsquos headquarters in Massachusetts has produced thousands of test batteries to demonstrate the efficiency of the new design Image courtesy of 24M
1 Diagram of a fast charging station for the EDDA Bus project All images courtesy of the Fraunhofer Institute for Transportation and Infrastructure Systems IVI in Dresden Germany Click here for larger view
Lithium Battery Shipments Face Challenges as Regulators and Airlines Impose Additional Restrictions