Power Electronics Products of the Week (4/2-4/9) Part 1
Automotive Load Balancing
Power Electronics Products of the Week (3/6-3/12) Part 2
The allclimate battery rapidly selfheats in cold environments Image courtesy of ChaoYang Wang Penn State
Single-Cell Lithium Battery Protection IC Delivers High-Precision Low-Power Performance
The new fourvolume series is an updated version of the threevolume series by Dr Slobodan Cuk published originally by TESLAco in 1983 Image courtesy of TESLAco
Battery Simulator Provides Mobile Insurance
StanfordresearchershavedevelopedathinpolyethylenefilmthatpreventsalithiumionbatteryfromoverheatingthenrestartsthebatterywhenitcoolsThefilmisembeddedwithspikynanoparticlesofgraphenecoatednickel Image courtesy of Zheng Chen Stanford University
Flow-Battery Energy-Storage System Expands Capabilities
The new rechargeable LMR 2016 batteries deliver 3V nominal voltage and a 500cycle lifetime and are UL certified to Lithium Batteries Image courtesy of Renata