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Application Handbook for LTSpice IV Simulator Released

Application Handbook for LTSpice IV Simulator Released

A guidebook for the LTSpice IV software application used to produce high performance electronics has recently been released. Written by Gilles Brocard,with a preface from Mike Engelhardt, the book serves as a learning manual with over 470 illustrations as well as a collection of applications for a variety of procedures .

Beginners should start at Chapter 2, which explores the files supplied during the application’s installation and then move on to Chapter 3 which focuses on applications. Advanced users can begin at Chapter 4 which details the program’s schematic editor, while the other available editors are detailed through Chapter 8. Chapters 9 through 11 illustrate definitions and commands and Chapter 12 talks about downloading SPICE models and sub circuits. Configurations of components are described in Chapters 13 through 16 and Chapters 17 and 21deal with inductors and transformers. Chapter 18 zeroes in on the control panel and Chapter 19 provides examples concerning various fields of electronics. Chapter 20 answers many of the questions Brocard was confronted with during the training sessions he has headed for the software.

The book and a free extract are available here.

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