The new fourvolume series is an updated version of the threevolume series by Dr Slobodan Cuk published originally by TESLAco in 1983 Image courtesy of TESLAco
The new power supply outputs 12 Vdc with 5 Vdc or 33 Vdc pinselectable standby Image courtesy of CUI
350W Medical & ITE Certified Power Supplies are Convection Cooled
375W Triple Output Precision Laboratory Power Supply
12 Watt PlugTop Supplies Meet Level VI Specification
The power supply accepts a 400Vac 3phase input and delivers between 2500 and 3500W depending on application requirements Image courtesy of Absopulse
The units operate across a full universal input range of 90V to 264Vac and provide a single output of 5V 12V 24V 36V 48V 72V 130Vdc or custom Image courtesy of Absopulse
The 5 W adapters both feature 5 Vdc single regulated outputs with a wide universal input voltage range from 90264 Vac The series also features no load power consumption lt0075 W and provides over voltage over current and short circuit protections Image courtesy of CUI
With the OFM22539s power factor correction isolation and regulation all combined in one conversion step the component count stays below 120 This contributes to an efficiency of 93 zero load power of 500000h Image courtesy of Powerbox
Capable of achieving 92 efficiency these ultracompact and rugged PSUs are designed for the stringent requirements of medical industrial IT and military COTs applications