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All-SiC Power Module Produces 1.7 kV

All-SiC Power Module Produces 1.7 kV


Cree, Inc. released the industry's first all-SiC 1.7 kV power module in an industry standard 62 mm housing. Powered by Cree's C2MT large area SiC chip technology, the half-bridge module exhibits an 8 mWW on-resistance and 10-times higher switching efficiency than existing silicon (Si) module technology, capable of replacing Si IGBT modules rated at 400 A or more. The performance of the 1.7 kV all-SiC power module allows design engineers to simultaneously reduce the size and cost of magnetic and cooling elements while achieving superior system efficiency and reliability. Unlike existing silicon-based systems in motor drive, grid-tie and utility scale solar inverter applications, the Cree® power module also enables lower production costs and the development of smaller, lighter products with a lower overall total cost of ownership.

The superior switching efficiency and voltage capability of this module enables simplified two-level topologies that are feasible at higher frequencies, eliminating the need to invest in complex, multi-level silicon-based solutions. The high power density further simplifies the implementation of modular system designs and enables extremely low mean time to repair for high overall system availability.

The all-SiC 1.7 kV, 8 mOhm half-bridge module is available as part number CAS300M17BM2 through distribution. 

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