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Synchronous Buck Regulators Leverage HyperLight® Load Technology


The MIC23603/303 family of 4MHz PWM 6A/3A synchronous buck regulators from Micrel, Inc. feature HyperLight® Load technology. The patented architecture implemented delivers superior transient performance with just 5 mV of output ripple in full PWM mode. The MIC23603/303 combine a low-loss proprietary power MOSFET with Micrel's patented constant on-time DC-to-DC switching converter scheme to deliver up to 6 A/3 A of output current while consuming just 24 µA of quiescent current. The MIC23603/303 is ideal for set-top boxes, portable instruments, and automotive instrumentation applications for powering FPGAs, ASICs and DSP ICs where ultra-fast transient response and light-load efficiency are critical.

System power designers must continuously strive to optimize power efficiency in order to extend battery life while delivering the high performance features customers demand. Micrel's patented HyperLight Load architecture provides very high efficiency for low power modes and fast load transient response to maintain the precise supply rail voltages when power demand increases.

The MIC23603/303features a Power Good (PG) output, programmable soft start and very low quiescent current (24µA) in a small, thermally enhanced 20-pin 4 mm x 5 mm DFN package for the MIC23603 and a 12-pin, 3 mm x 3 mm DFN package for the MIC23303. The solutions offer an adjustable output voltage range from 0.65 V to 3.6 V over a wide input range of 2.9 V to 5.5 V for Li-ion applications. The device operates at -40  to +125 C degree junction temperature range.

The MIC23603 is currently available in volume with pricing starting at $1.08 for 1K.

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