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Switching Regulator Platform is as Easy to Use as LDOs

Semtech Corp. announced a new switching regulator platform, offering a buck converter with an integrated inductor in a tiny, 2.5 x 3 x 1mm package. The new SC202 is a synchronous step-down regulator with 3.5MHz PWM switching frequency, 500mA output current and very high efficiency up to 94%. Additionally, on-chip loop compensation and a programmable output voltage eliminate the need for external stability control components and programming resistors, further reducing total PCB space. The combination of high integration and ultra-small packaging occupies a footprint of less than 14mm2, providing designers a more efficient switching regulator as an LDO alternative.

Designing with the SC202 is easy, requiring only two external capacitors, one for input decoupling and one for output filtering. In addition to very high operating efficiency, the SC202 maintains high efficiency during light loads via an automatic power-save (PSAVE) feature that reduces standby (quiescent) current to just 38µA (typ.). It also features a low, 1µA (typ.) shutdown current and excellent transient response. The combination of high integration, ultra-small size, high efficiency, and design simplicity makes the SC202 an ideal solution for low voltage point-of-load (POL) regulation applications and for the next-generation of small, super light-weight, extended battery-life handheld devices.

The SC202 operates from inputs of 2.9V to 5.5V and provides 15 pin-programmable output voltages from 0.8V to 3.3V, covering all the typical core and I/O voltage rails with one device. It also offers full protection features, including internal soft start to minimize inrush current and better manage overall system power drain; input under-voltage lockout; output over-voltage and current-limit protection; over-temperature protection; and floating programming pin protection.

The SC202 expands Semtech's broad line of POL regulators, which includes the SC195 offering functionality and performance on par with the SC202, but with an external inductor.

The SC202 is available immediately in production quantities and is priced at $0.84 each in 3,000-piece lots. The ordering code is SC202MLTRT. Evaluation boards (SC202EVB) are also available.

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