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Step Down DC-DC Converter from Rectified AC Line 380-480V AC

Powerex recently introduced another accessory product to help reduce design time and shorten time to market. Designed for use as a step down DC-DC converter from a rectified AC line between 380 and 480V AC, these new products, VLA312-2425 and VLA313-2450, have a capacity of 25 or 50 watts and provide 2500Vrms electrical isolation between input and output.

VLA312-2425 and VLA313-2450 feature:

  1. Input voltage range from 475V~850V DC
  2. 2500VRMS electrical isolation between input and output
  3. Output power = 25 or 50 watts
  4. Over-current protection (auto resumption)
  5. Over-voltage protection

Applications for these products include on board pre-regulator for industrial control equipment.

These products can be purchased at sample pricing of $ 146.24 for VLA312-2425 and $170 for VLA313-2450 each from stock to 12 week delivery.
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