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Quad Power-Supply Controller

Quad Power-Supply Controller Uses Low-Cost Analog Supplies to Create Highly Accurate, Digital Power-Management SolutionsThe MAX16064 offers a PMBus interface for programming, sequencing, monitoring, and margining power supplies. Connect the MAX16064 to up to four all-analog low-cost power supplies to create a fully programmable, highly accurate, digital power-management solution. Using the existing analog power-management solutions, the device provides unequaled control and monitoring capabilities that were previously only available in all-digital power supplies. The MAX16064 digital controller is designed for high-performance, high-reliability systems with multiple power supplies. Applications include servers, storage devices, switches, base stations, routers, and networking equipment.

High-performance systems like servers, switches, and routers force power supplies to have some intelligence. The MAX16064 meets, and exceeds, these requirements by providing flexible monitoring, precise sequencing, and intelligent fault management. This controller also saves cost because customers no longer need to purchase expensive digital power supplies for the system(s). The MAX16064 allows any off-the-shelf power supply to perform PMBus control. This flexibility allows the user to make on-the-fly power-supply adjustments and avoid costly last-minute BOM changes.

The MAX16064 closes a slow loop around the power supply to bring the industry's highest accuracy and control in setting the output voltage. By tapping into the enable, feedback node, and/or reference input, the MAX16064 provides unmatched tracking, sequencing, and fine setting of the output voltage with ±0.3% accuracy over the operating temperature.

By storing fault data in external EEPROM, the MAX16064 also eases the process of identifying and debugging failures. The controller can poll each power supply at fixed intervals and log the information intelligently for future analysis. This is extremely beneficial to customers, because it allows them to diagnose unrepeatable errors for failures during startup or normal operation.

The MAX16064 can also increase system reliability by margining up to four power supplies in the system. Margining system voltages is an effective means of stress-testing high-reliability systems. This feature is especially important for applications where field failures are unacceptable. Now manufacturers can identify failures during the manufacturing process, so their customers are not disrupted and costly product returns are avoided.

The MAX16064 is available in a space-saving, 36-pin, lead-free, 6mm x 6mm TQFN package and is fully specified for the -40 °C to +85 °C industrial temperature range. Prices start at $6.34 (1000-up FOB USA).

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