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Low Noise Superpower Regulators

Low Noise Superpower Regulators

Belleson LLC has added the SPM to its line of Superpower™ voltage regulators. SPM is a miniature, lower cost version of Belleson's high performance voltage regulators. SPM has noise less than 1 ppm/V of output voltage, thus a 5 V output device has less than 5 µV of RMS noise, 60 µVpp over 20 Hz to 20 kHz. SPM delivers up to 225 mA in a form factor approximately the same size as a monolithic TO-220 package with much better performance. The regulators are available with output voltages of ±3.3 V to ±30 V. They have power supply ripple rejection of 115 dB at power line frequencies, and above 90 dB at 50 KHz.

The patented design (U.S. Patent 8,294,440) has reference and loop amplifier circuitry that is self powered by its own regulated output voltage. It uses an integral floating current reference that allows output voltage to be set with a single resistor. A quiet, fast and stable internal difference circuit keeps output impedance below 10 mΩ beyond 50 KHz and total audio noise at or below 1 PPM of Vout. Output dynamic step response of these series regulators rivals or betters that of shunt regulated and battery supplies. Specified to a maximum 225 mA out with drop out voltage of 1 V, SPM has no output current limiter and no thermal protection.

SPM are developed for the latest generation of high resolution A/D converters, including new fast SAR types,and for professional audio circuits requiring low voltage, low noise and high performance such as SACD players, USB DACs, mixer consoles, microphone preamplifiers, recording systems and high end audio preamps. Other equally low noise Belleson regulators are available with output current to 2 A and a built-to-order module with up to 480 V out suitable for vacuum tube circuits.

Belleson SPM78 Superpower next to a standard TO-220 package. SPM and other Superpower fit standard 3 pin monolithic regulator footprint, with LM317/LM78xx/LM340 pin out (positive regulators) and LM337/LM79xx pin out (negative regulators), in standard output voltages as given in the data sheet. Custom Vout are also available.

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