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Linear Voltage Regulators Operate up to 175°C

Linear Voltage Regulators Operate up to 175°C

CISSOID releases CMT-ANTARES; a new fixed-voltage 5 V linear voltage regulator ruggedized for high reliability and high temperature automotive and industrial applications. CMT-ANTARES delivers up to 200 mA to the output load from input voltages between 5.5 V and 30 V. The output voltage is stabilized to 5 V +/- 5% including all possible variations: initial accuracy, temperature changes from -55 °C up to 175 °C (Tj), line and load regulations.

CMT-ANTARES is the result of CISSOID’s unparalleled 15-years experience in building linear voltage regulators surviving to the harsher environments. CMT-ANTARES not only operates reliably at high temperatures but it is robust against severe electrical anomalies: the chip is immune to latch-up, resists to ESD events up to 6 KV (HBM), is protected against short circuits and power overloading, by a current limiter and an over temperature protection (OTP) triggering above 225 °C (Tj). Moreover, CMT-ANTARES offers comfortable safety margins with maximum absolute ratings for temperature and input voltage extending respectively to 200 °C (Tj) and 40V.

The device is packaged in a 3-pin TO-263 plastic package. The junction-to-case thermal resistance is only 4.6 °C/W. The combination of high operating junction temperature and a low junction-to-case thermal resistance allows minimizing the cooling requirements, e.g. by using a smaller copper thermal pad on the PCB.  This 3-pins package makes it easy to integrate CMT-ANTARES on the PCB and allows a drop-in replacement of commercial voltage references.

For automotive applications CMT-ANTARES is ideally suited to supply automotive sensors and actuators modules used close to the engine, the exhaust systems, brakes, turbochargers and also exhaust gas recirculation (EGR). In industrial markets applications such as electrically controlled pumps & valves, industrial gas turbines and large DC-DC converters will all benefit from this regulator.”

CMT-ANTARES datasheet is available now from the CISSOID web site CHT- ANTARES can be ordered now for sampling and evaluation. Volume Pricing will be $3.71 / Unit for volumes of 25,000 Units. 

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