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 Dual-Phase Buck Controller Manages Graphics Cards

Dual-Phase Buck Controller Manages Graphics Cards

Diodes Inc. has released a dual-phase synchronous rectified buck controller, optimized for use in high-performance GPU and CPU core power supplies.  Providing PWM video-identification dynamic-output voltage control, the AP3598A assures the fast, high-current response demanded by the inherently large variations in output loading.

The device includes a PWM controller, a pair of MOSFET drivers with internal bootstrap diodes, channel-current balance and comprehensive protection features in the compact, low pin-count U-QFN4040-24 package.  Designed for 12 V systems, it delivers an output current as high as 60 A and harnesses external compensation to minimize output voltage ripple and optimize transient response.

Accurate phase current balance is maintained through lossless RDS(ON) current sensing, while inductor current sampling ensures a dependable current limit.  To help maximize efficiency, the AP3598A offers a power-save mode, which enables it to switch automatically between dual- and single-phase operation when subject to light loading.

For safe high-current operation, the controller provides a full complement of protection functions including over-current, over-temperature, and under- and over-voltage protection.  Other features include adjustable soft-start, adjustable operating frequency selection, and a power-good indicator and enable control.

The AP3598A dual-phase PWM-VID buck controller from Diodes Incorporated is priced at $0.7 USD each in 1k quantities. 


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