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Dual Output SupIRBuck® Voltage Regulators

Dual Output SupIRBuck® Voltage Regulators

The IR3891 and IR3892 SupIRBuck® integrated dual output voltage regulators from International Rectifier are designed for space-constrained netcom, server and storage applications. The dual output devices are optimized for single rail operation from 5 V to 12 V inputs or 1 V to 21 V input with external 5 V bias. Available in a compact 5x6mm PQFN package, the IR3891 and IR3892 offer an ultra-compact solution for applications requiring up to 4 A per channel and up to 6 A per channel respectively in as little as 165 mm2.

The IR3891 and IR3892 feature a proprietary modulator scheme that enables jitter-free and noise-free operation to allow higher frequency/higher bandwidth operation for better transient response and fewer output capacitors to reduce overall system size. Other key features include interleaved phases to reduce input capacitance, powertrain isolation to eliminate crosstalk and sequencing capability on channel two.

The IR3891 and IR3892 offer SupIRBuck standard features that include switching frequency up to 1.5MHz and 1.0Mhz respectively, pre-biased start-up, input voltage aware enable, over voltage protection, power good, optional true output voltage sensing for open line feedback and adjustable OVP, internal soft-start and minimum input voltage of 1.0 V (with ext. bias) and operating junction temperatures of -40°C to 125°C.  This new device and the entire SupIRBuck family are industrial qualified ensuring robust designs for durable systems.

A SupIRBuck Excel spreadsheet design tool and Icepak thermal model are available to facilitate design in addition to a user friendly, interactive, web-based selection and simulation tool at

Pricing for the IR3891 and IR3892 begins at US $3.46 and US $3.56 each respectively in 100,000-unit quantities. Pricing for the IRDC3891 and IRDC3892 SupIRBuck reference designs start at US $29 per kit. Production orders are available immediately. 

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