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DC/DC Converters

Diodes Inc. has introduced a pair of highly integrated synchronous DC/DC buck converters. The AP6502 and AP6503 are designed for use in consumer electronics systems such as digital TV, LCD monitors and set-top boxes, which require ultra-efficient voltage conversion.

Capable of handling continuous load currents of up to 2A or 3A, respectively, the AP6502 and AP6503 can support 12V and 5V bus systems and are able to achieve efficiency rates as high as 95%. The output voltage is set using an external resistor divider, which can accommodate any output voltage setting down to 0.925V.

With a switching frequency of 340kHz, and incorporating low RDSON high and low side power MOSFETS which reduce the need for external components, both devices offer an efficient, space-saving solution, particularly effective for distributed power architectures. In addition, the parts include an external, programmable soft start control input that reduces excess current during initial power-up of the application. The combination of Enable and programmable SoftStart helps in systems requiring power sequencing.

Integrated Over Current Protection (OCP) and thermal shutdown features stabilize the system and ensure long-term reliability. Provided in an SO-8EP package option, the AP6502 and AP6503 DC/DC converters are priced at $US0.25 and $US0.32 respectively, in quantities of 10k units.

Diodes Inc.
Part Number: AP6502/3

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